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Job Description

Position: Technician for the development of controlled environmental gas sensors

NanoChronia is all about innovation in gas sensor systems. Based in Tarragona and Barcelona, Spain, our friendly and international team of entrepreneurs specializes in the development of electrical engineering and electronic components for the gas sensing industry.

Researchers at NanoChronia have designed and patented non-linear feedback controls for optimizing the dynamical response of environmental gas sensors. We offer a contract for the characterization/modeling of gas sensors operated under these controls, and for development of the associated electronic systems for sensor control and signal acquisition.


  • Development of electronic circuits for the implementation of sensor controls. Verification and improvement of electronic device boards.
  • Design and manufacture of PCBs. Define layout constraints and HW Project plan.
  • Characterization of environmental gas sensors in laboratory conditions. Programming of temperature, gas concentration and humidity patterns/profiles.
  • Programming of electronic laboratory equipment (Matlab programming of instrumentation equipment).
  • Data acquisition and processing.
  • Writing of reports and technical protocols.
  • Manage, monitor, and report project risks.

Candidate Profile & requirements:

Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering Physics, Electronic Eng., Telecommunications Eng., or similar. Master’s Degree or current enrollment in a Master preferred (e.g. MEE, MET at UPC).

It will be valued experience in

  • Sensor design and characterization. System modeling.
  • Instrumentation programming (LabView, Matlab, etc.).
  • Design of electronic circuits. Embedded systems programming.
  • Design of analog and digital circuits.
  • Physical/chemical modeling.


  • Part-time position (20 h)
  • Workplace: UPC-Campus Nord. Ed. C4 / C5. Jordi Girona, 1-3. 08034 Barcelona
  • Contract: Temporary, 12 months.
  • Starting date: October 2023

 Hiring Process

  • Selection of CV’s. Suitable and unsuitable CV’s will be identified according to the requirements. Applicants who do not meet the requirements indicated in the candidate profile and requirements will not pass to the next phase.
  • Evaluation of the CV. Evaluation of the CVs up to a maximum score of 50 points.
  • Motivation Letter. Attached to the resume a motivation letter with a maximum length of 2500 characters with spaces. With a maximum score of 10 points.

To access the interview phase, it is necessary to have obtained a minimum score of 35 points in the sum of scores of the evaluation of the curriculum and motivation letter

  • Personal interview. With a maximum score of 40 points.
  • Attitude
  • Previous experience
  • Team work

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